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Frozen Food

Despite your best efforts taking notes during Pritikin’s cooking school, you still can’t boil an egg? The good news is, you shouldn’t be eating eggs anyway, but the even better news is that for your convenience, Pritikin offers nationwide delivery of frozen foods made right on property in the Pritikin kitchen. We offer a variety of our most popular dishes to choose from, all containing no added salt, no added sugar, and no added fat. Items are available a la carte, but to make things even easier we also carry one and two week meal plans. Delicious soups, lunches, dinners and desserts are all available and will have you sticking to the Pritikin Eating Plan from the comfort of your own home.
  • Meal Plan: Week Two

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Meal Plan: Week Two

Quick Overview

All your favorite foods are shipped straight from our kitchen to your home. You'll never need to cook! Never before has Pritikin living been so easy - or so pleasurable.
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On the weekly plan, you'll receive lunches that include soups and main courses, and dinners that include soups, salad dressings, entrees, and desserts.

Day 1

Lunch: Heirloom Bean Soup, Vegetable Lasagna Dinner: Wild Mushroom Soup, Jerked Mahi Mahi, Cherries Jubilee

Day 2

Lunch: Fish & Okra Soup, Pasta with "Meatballs" Dinner: White Bean Soup, Roasted Bison, Pumpkin Pie

Day 3

Lunch: Tomato Basil Soup, Vegetable Stuffed Shells with Tomato Sauce Dinner: Barley & Shiitake Soup, Poached Salmon with Roasted Potatoes, Mango Compote

Day 4

Lunch: Lima Bean Soup, Mango & So Soya Stew Dinner: Sweet Potato & Kale Soup, Roasted Lobster, Bread Pudding

Day 5

Lunch: Ajiaco Soup, "Shepherd's Pie" Dinner: Vegetable Soup, Jerked Chicken Breast, Apple Turnover

Day 6

Lunch: Minestrone Soup, Vegetable Garden Pizza Dinner: Mexican Vegetable Soup, Braised Whitefish with Artichoke, Cheesecake

Day 7

Lunch: Eight Bean Soup, "Crab Cake" Dinner: Garbanzo Soup, Seared Tasmanian Trout, Jewel of Fruit Pie

Your Weekly Meal Plan includes two sides of vegetables for lunch and two sides for dinner. Our chef will also include a selection of fresh salad dressing for your lunch and dinner salad.

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