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There’s nothing like the gift of health, so whether you start small, or go big, that one gesture will have a positive effect on your loved one for years to come. Introducing someone to Pritikin may actually save their life, and what could be more rewarding, as both the giver and receiver, than that? If someone is already familiar with Pritikin, you already know this gift will be a success. So go ahead- get them the best gift they’ll receive this holiday season, and possibly the best gift they’ll receive their entire life.

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  1. Fit-trition Package

    Fit-trition Package

    You’ve made huge strides during your stay at Pritikin and want to continue the good work in more ways than one upon your return home? Includes: Three Remote 30 Minute Remote Nutrition Consultations via your choice of telephone or Skype Three Remote 30 Minute Remote Fitness Coaching Sessions Learn More
  2. Peace of Mind for a Powerful Life

    Peace of Mind for a Powerful Life

    Relax your mind and body through mindfulness and meditation. Learn More
  3. Positively Pritikin

    Positively Pritikin

  4. Pritikin At Home -  A “Starter Kit” For Healthy Living

    Pritikin At Home - A “Starter Kit” For Healthy Living

    Want to get started on the Pritikin Program? Here’s superb hands-on help – food delivery, a personal nutritional consultation, and more. Learn More

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    Special Price $349.95

  5. Pritikin Gift Card

    Pritikin Gift Card

    Gift cards are available for $100 and over. The gift card amount in its entirety must be used within 1 year from the original date of purchase. Any remaining gift card balances will not be refunded and must also be used within 1 year of the original gift card date of purchase. Gift cards are non-transferable and are not redeemable for cash. Learn More
  6. Pritikin Kitchen Gift Basket

    Pritikin Kitchen Gift Basket

    Here’s oodles of culinary fun! Seasonings, hot sauces, premium vinegar, salad chopper (for big luscious Pritikin-size salads), our Yoga DVD, salad dressing pouches, and more! Learn More

    Regular Price: $180.00

    Special Price $164.95

  7. Pritikin on Track

    Pritikin on Track

    You’ve returned home from your life changing stay at Pritikin and need some help sticking with the program? We have the answers to your questions with regards to dining out, food shopping and more. We’re here for you! Purchase our Pritikin on Track package which includes 6 half hour remote personal Nutrition Consultations and receive the support you need. Learn More
  8. Taste of Pritikin

    Taste of Pritikin

    Maybe your loved one is stressed out, loves Dancing with the Stars and Struggles with their weight. Or maybe they would prefer the option of attending a traditional Taste of Pritikin weekend. Whatever the reason may be, a Taste of Pritikin weekend always includes a variety of lectures and fitness classes led by our acclaimed team of experts, as well as a DEXA Body Composition Scan, a Nutrition Consultation, and a spa credit. Who wouldn’t love it? THESE 3-DAY WEEKEND HEALTH RETREATS CAN HELP YOU GET A “TASTE” OF HOW GOOD PRITIKIN LIVING CAN FEEL, AND INCLUDE: Life-transforming seminars in eating, cooking, and living well, all taught by Pritikin’s acclaimed faculty. DEXA Body Composition Scan to determine your percentage of lean muscle and body fat. (What your body is made of is often more important than what you weigh.) Healthy gourmet meals prepared by Pritikin’s award-winning chefs. A 30-minute Personal Nutrition Consultation to enhance weight loss, improve lipids such as cholesterol, and target those areas of real-world eating, from restaurants to grocery shopping, that are most challenging for you. Pritikin’s dietitians have solutions for virtually every nutritional hurdle. Luxurious hotel accommodations for 3 nights at the home of the Pritikin Longevity Center, the beautiful 650-acre Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida. A $130 spa credit. Our Weekend Health Retreat is ideal if… You’re too busy to get away for a week or more at Pritikin, You believe the Pritikin lifestyle might benefit you but want a taste of it before committing to the full program, You’re a Pritikin alum but have not yet been to the Doral campus and would like to experience it, or You’re looking for the perfect gift for friends and family interested in healthy Pritikin living, and what it might do for them. Taste of Pritikin Weekend | May 10 to 13, 2018 Taste of Pritikin Weekend | August 16 to 19, 2018 Taste of Pritikin Weekend | October 11 to 14, 2018 Taste of Pritikin Weekend | December 6 to December 9, 2018 Learn More

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