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  1. À La Carte - Dinners - Quick Order

    À La Carte - Dinners - Quick Order

    Perfect for returning customers who are familiar with the À La Carte Dinners and want to place their order without browsing the menus. Learn More

    Starting at: $17.60

  2. Bison Bolognaise with Spaghetti

    Bison Bolognaise with Spaghetti

    Want comfort food? You got it with this oh-so-meaty and rich-tasting bolognaise. Boil up the pasta water, whip up a big bountiful salad, and dinner’s on the table. Learn More
  3. Braised Whitefish with Artichokes

    Braised Whitefish with Artichokes

    Succulent whitefish topped with a sauce of tangy marinara and artichoke hearts, and for your side dish, a bevy of vegetables and roasted potato spears. Learn More
  4. Bronzini Fillet

    Bronzini Fillet

    Fork-tender, citrus-infused trout surrounded by a hearty three-rice blend and sautéed-to-perfection peppers and onions. Learn More
  5. Coriander Scallops

    Coriander Scallops

    Jumbo, juicy scallops delicately seasoned with coriander sauce and accompanied with broccoli florets and a richly satisfying rice medley. Learn More
  6. Jamaican Curry Chicken

    Jamaican Curry Chicken

    Dinner prepared for you by the chefs at Pritikin. Learn More
  7. Jerk Chicken Breast

    Jerk Chicken Breast

    This grilled, Caribbean-style jerk chicken breast is plenty spicy – and plenty good! It’s served with steamed veggies and brown rice. Learn More
  8. Jerked Mahi Mahi

    Jerked Mahi Mahi

    If you like your dinner spicy hot, you’ll love this one! The mahi mahi is cooked in a fiery tomato sauce and surrounded with brown rice and multi-colored vegetables. Learn More
  9. Lemon Mahi Mahi

    Lemon Mahi Mahi

    This seafood dish has lots of tangy lemony flavor plus chunky roasted potato spears and seasonal veggies. Learn More
  10. Poached Salmon Roasted Potato

    Poached Salmon Roasted Potato

    Ahh! Poached-to-perfection salmon swathed in a delicately piquant mustard sauce. On the side are roasted potato spears and a bevy of broccoli florets and green beans. Learn More
  11. Roasted Bison

    Roasted Bison

    So tender and juicy! Your grass-fed bison, accompanied with veggies and nutty farro, is roasted with citrus juices, Vidalia onions, and fresh rosemary and thyme. Learn More
  12. Roasted Lobster

    Roasted Lobster

    Ah, lobster so succulent you won’t even miss the butter! Plus stuffing, Dijon mustard seasoning, and veggies. Learn More
  13. Roasted Turkey

    Roasted Turkey

    Have a Thanksgiving feast any day of the year with this sumptuous dinner of savory roasted turkey, mashed sweet potatoes (so buttery tasting!), and steamed green beans and vegetables. Learn More
  14. Seared Salmon with Pot Hash

    Seared Salmon with Pot Hash

    Seasoned to perfection, you’ll love this elegant entrée surrounded with vegetables and paprika-flavored Three-Potato Hash. Learn More

14 Item(s)

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